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ray ban sunglasses all black

Recently Prsr Pasha together with the Chinese designer Dumpty Studio completed the first show in London, Prsr Pasha x Dumpty co-section glasses in this Fashion Show shine, has become a major bright spot. This co-section glasses interesting shape with Dumpty Studio SS17 creative stitching tailoring design, so that the overall work of the overall rendering more unique.Life is like a pair of glasses, if it was readily placed in a corner, though Smooth insurance, once more boring and monotonous; if out of the siege of the land in the vast world, boldly take your first step into the world stage, as a catwalk-like show themselves,ray ban sunglasses all black, maybe you Will get exclusive to your shining point. Prsr Pasha also specially invited Dumpty Studio’s four partners and Yao Xuefei together about Prsr Pasha x Dumpty cooperation behind the creative inspiration and cooperation story:
Dumpty: this Prsr Pasha x Dumpty cooperation models, we want to give the glasses wearer a psychedelic disco feeling, so that they get “rebellious” spirit, the courage to break the rules to do their own, we enjoy this with the Prsr Pasha’s cooperation, Pasha gives us a very relaxed space, and young designers to provide a great help, with their strong support of our happy to complete the cooperation of the series of glasses. In this co-section of the glasses design, mainly by the Emoji and Disco culture inspired. Emoji has gradually become an integral part of our daily life, a small pattern can help us express a lot of words can not express emotions. Prsr Pasha x Dumpty glasses design cooperation to a transparent frame as the base, between the lens and the frame, Dumpty to oblique oval will be fun into the design of glasses, so that co-section of the glasses in the fashion sense of design I, there is a interesting peculiar feeling. Fashion show talent “fall in love with supermodel” third-generation Yao Xuefei, as a model of the new generation of her, with her performance perspective, for your interpretation of Prsr Pasha x Dumpty co-section of the unique charm: # life like show field everywhere style . As a model often need to interpret a variety of fashion blockbusters, to attend all kinds of fashion activities, this cooperation glasses also have her unique insights: the Prsr Pasha x Dumpty cooperation models of the shooting very happy, strange fun cooperation glasses plus strange Interesting Dumpty clothes are particularly interesting. This cooperation is full of modeling glasses, very bright design, if in the Party, very “effort” to wear this section glasses, immediately become the focus of the audience topic.