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19-20 September, Le Pen’s brand Ray-Ban glasses outdoor function With CAS platform, held two spectacular brand conference, both functional and stylish outdoor glasses to Chinese millionaires glasses family around for consumers On “fresh as you can,” the new outdoor experience, as its high-end outdoor water features eyewear brand, Ray-Ban glasses using both online and offline experience a combination of sales.replica ray bans, Currently, the line store experience is being developed, the online channel has been fully opened up. Ray-Ban will present an exclusive line of customized services, in addition to personalized custom frames, the lenses feature the most unique custom. Consumers will change the passive user’s role, turned lens function active creators for their own needs, different combinations of functions designed by the Ray-Ban custom processing. The lens technology continue to make breakthroughs, excellence, product frames, Ray-Ban also offer consumers a new choice. Ray-Ban launched the innovative combination of wild frames, the same pair of lenses with a three-color, two-color mirror lens with a six planes, colorful changing fashion wear experience. In the frame process, Ray-Ban has also many innovative, patented design for Asian nose pad shape, more fit Asian nose type, regardless of the scene are docile to wear, to solve the long-standing frame glasses family move off problems. The first polarized lenses 1.74 aspherical more light to solve the needs of myopia polarizing owners. Special overlay and high temperature super anti-fog film scratch HGC film, let myopia polarized glasses outdoor function significantly enhanced. Furthermore, in order to meet the current needs of the fashion crowd, the high refractive index 1.60 polarizing series has 66 kinds of dyeing transformation, not only can choose a more specialized lenses based on the motion scenes, but can be stylish outfit according to your daily dress. As the world’s three big glasses of water a resin monomer material manufacturer’s brand, Ray-Ban on raw materials and process advantages unique. The release, Ray-Ban pioneered the world’s first high-refractive index 1.74 aspheric lenses and polarized triple versatile lens Both lenses have a range of products. Products range from golf, driving, hiking, biking, hiking, fishing and other outdoor areas subdivision. The brand release, Ray-Ban were selected CAS outfield outdoor lawn and CAS infield “2015 China tide owners of the General Assembly” to publish, outdoor release for the owners focused recommend driving range of products, within the field of publishing to emphasize the brand culture and a full line show.

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Prevention of myopia in children, according to preliminary survey research project in 2010 China, the United States, Australia, in cooperation show that China’s population myopia rate was 33%, the number of nearly 400 million national myopia has reached the world average of 22% of 1.5 times. China is the biggest consumer market in the glasses, from children, even young children can come to the elderly consumer groups. It is estimated that Chinese population prevalence of myopia up to about 33%, meaning that 400 million people suffer from myopia, glasses and therefore the demand is high. In 2005, the population aged 40-79 accounted for 39.7%, in 2006, only people aged over 60 has reached 150 million. According to the beginning of 42 years, the majority of middle-aged eyes began to presbyopia empirical statistics, inferred reading glasses market capacity should not be overlooked. Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association also believes that the potential growth rate and consumption of ray ban glasses mainland ranks first in the world, if an update every three years, to calculate the estimated annual market demand of more than one hundred million glasses, if coupled with sunglasses ,cheap ray bans, special-purpose glasses, glasses market demand for China’s potential is great. Adult eyewear market showed great consumer demand, especially with the people’s living standards further improved and consumption concept matures, consumer demand for adult glasses glasses on the basis of importance on the quality of glasses, has been increasing emphasis on decorative glasses features and technology content. Titanium, titanium, memory metal frames, progressive multifocal, aspheric lens and high refractive index are also a growing number of consumers recognized and accepted, the number of adults in the glasses of this type of products increased rapidly in recent years, , domestic consumption grew faster lenses, as well as continue to expand the age range of people who wear contact lenses trend, from 18 to 35 years old age group now expanded to 15 to 49 years old age group. With corrective lenses and bifocal contact lenses The advent of contact lens wearers in the range will be extended to 12 years to 65 years. As living standards improve, consumers in the purchase of eyeglasses, except to look at the practical function, but also increasingly concerned about the decorative features, pay attention to personality, brand, gentrification is increasingly significant. The industry believes that the current optical industry is fiercely competitive, resulting in the optical industry has been declining gross margin, profit is ordinary glasses has shrunk dramatically. By contrast, sales of high-end glasses still have larger profit margins. At present, China’s optical industry a large scale, has become the world an important production base of glasses. In 2010, the industrial output value of China’s optical industry (members caliber) is expected to reach 34 billion yuan, an increase of 13 percent over the previous year; domestic eyewear market sales in 2010 more than 35 billion yuan. According to market survey estimates: 2020 scale up to 1500-2000 one hundred million yuan. Glasses retail is a half doctors and commercial sectors. It exists primarily have three levels of meaning: the refractive inappropriate contact with patients suffering; to create value for enterprises engaged in the sales industry itself; provide a platform for practitioners personal development. From this point of view it is easy to see from other optical retail stores in the retail industry characteristics. In recent years, more glasses evolved from functional to fashionable merchandise goods, which include industrial products distribution; lenses, frames, contact lenses, medicine, sunglasses, and some other specific products. Proscenium durable goods, both stylish and functional, is an optical lens products, with strong functionality, contact lenses, beauty products is mainly suitable for some special populations, as well as the beauty of youth, medicine contact lenses consumables, has a strong fashion sunglasses, has become part of fashion in the same package, and cosmetics. Others, such as reading glasses, swimming goggles and other eyewear is unique retail goods, in general, the optical retail industry’s main products is divided into two categories, one is mirror finished; one is frame glasses, that is, sales of semi-finished lens. For the latter, the customer has a rotation period longer features. In addition, after the sale of a product, we have higher requirements for practitioners.