replica ray bans

19-20 September, Le Pen’s brand Ray-Ban glasses outdoor function With CAS platform, held two spectacular brand conference, both functional and stylish outdoor glasses to Chinese millionaires glasses family around for consumers On “fresh as you can,” the new outdoor experience, as its high-end outdoor water features eyewear brand, Ray-Ban glasses using both online and offline experience a combination of sales.replica ray bans, Currently, the line store experience is being developed, the online channel has been fully opened up. Ray-Ban will present an exclusive line of customized services, in addition to personalized custom frames, the lenses feature the most unique custom. Consumers will change the passive user’s role, turned lens function active creators for their own needs, different combinations of functions designed by the Ray-Ban custom processing. The lens technology continue to make breakthroughs, excellence, product frames, Ray-Ban also offer consumers a new choice. Ray-Ban launched the innovative combination of wild frames, the same pair of lenses with a three-color, two-color mirror lens with a six planes, colorful changing fashion wear experience. In the frame process, Ray-Ban has also many innovative, patented design for Asian nose pad shape, more fit Asian nose type, regardless of the scene are docile to wear, to solve the long-standing frame glasses family move off problems. The first polarized lenses 1.74 aspherical more light to solve the needs of myopia polarizing owners. Special overlay and high temperature super anti-fog film scratch HGC film, let myopia polarized glasses outdoor function significantly enhanced. Furthermore, in order to meet the current needs of the fashion crowd, the high refractive index 1.60 polarizing series has 66 kinds of dyeing transformation, not only can choose a more specialized lenses based on the motion scenes, but can be stylish outfit according to your daily dress. As the world’s three big glasses of water a resin monomer material manufacturer’s brand, Ray-Ban on raw materials and process advantages unique. The release, Ray-Ban pioneered the world’s first high-refractive index 1.74 aspheric lenses and polarized triple versatile lens Both lenses have a range of products. Products range from golf, driving, hiking, biking, hiking, fishing and other outdoor areas subdivision. The brand release, Ray-Ban were selected CAS outfield outdoor lawn and CAS infield “2015 China tide owners of the General Assembly” to publish, outdoor release for the owners focused recommend driving range of products, within the field of publishing to emphasize the brand culture and a full line show.

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