ray ban sunglasses junior

Recently, the famous international glasses brand Ray Ban broke out with the consumer scandal, the official website suspected wrong price, the original price of about 1,300 yuan frames, wrong price of 128 yuan. The face of international big-name so low, consumers naturally surrounded them. Unfortunately, after the purchase of goods, Ray Ban has not shipped, while all the consultation phone to take refuses to accept the operation, there is no way to contact the Ray-Ban brand. This is worse than online fraud is actually the behavior of international brands in China, the official website, simply incredible, but Xiao Bian find Ray Ban’s official website microblogging, micro-blogging and micro-Bo from the micro-blog can see each Out, Ray-Ban such behavior is not the first time. The wrong price of the brand, Ray-Ban is not the first,ray ban sunglasses junior, but from the processing methods, no doubt Le Pen is the most brutal one. Relied on the title of international brands, ignoring the interests of consumers, free to change the deletion of the contract with legal effect, why they dare so rampant hegemony, is it so lawless it?
In this regard, Xiao Bian interview with some of the previous “wrong standard” to deceive consumers. Many consumers believe that the price tag, contract, which has been the market economy as the basic common sense. Businesses have a strong pricing power, whether it is a price error or clerical error, are reflected in the business management and management loopholes, should not be paid by consumers. “This shows that businesses have always put themselves in a strong position, the lack of respect for consumers.” A consumer told reporters.
On this issue, there are experts in the field of consumer rights, business seems wrong price seems simple, but to determine the responsibility to resolve disputes is not easy. If the consumer delivered by the agreed payment, the business also issued a sales certificate, should be regarded as the completion of the transaction, the evidence is fully effective, the responsibility of the wrong price is not in the consumer side. As a result of this refusal to perform contractual obligations, resulting in the consumer can not use the goods, businesses should bear the fault liability.Dalian City Consumers Association 3.15 Lawyers members of Liaoning Zhaoming Law Firm Wang Binhai that consumers in accordance with the business price, to pay the price and made the invoice issued by businesses, consumers and businesses on the formation of a contract for the sale of the relationship between the two sides Should be in accordance with the conditions and content of the contract to fulfill its obligations. Businesses to price error on the grounds that the request to change the contract price, there is no legal basis. Even if the business does exist in the case of price error, the responsibility of the error can not be attributed to the consumer. Consumers have the right to refuse to change the price of shopping requirements, and asked businesses to pay the price of delivery.Brand integrity Building the most important cornerstone of the brand, is the so-called “people who have the world,” how to communicate well with consumers, each brand is worrying about things. Le Pen is the opposite, regardless of product quality, the face of such bankruptcy integrity of the “international big”, consumers can only say love you is not easy.