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ray ban sunglasses currently sold on the use of the agency distribution system, which makes the ray ban sunglasses from the factory to the sale and then to the hands of consumers to experience the general agent – so that the ray ban sunglasses are always in the price of the price of exploitation, High. It is understood that the general distributor of ray ban sunglasses will be paid in cash to the manufacturers to buy products, and its next level of regional agents and inspection shops to take the credit to the way up a purchase, which is the industry referred to Distribution Agency . Ex-factory price of 22 yuan ray ban sunglasses, the general agent will increase after 140% Distribution Agency to the provincial agency, to reach the provincial agents in the hands of the ray ban sunglasses has become 54 yuan. From the provincial agency to the optical retail stores have to increase this part of 100% distribution distribution to the optical retail stores. After this link, ray ban sunglasses retail stores to get the ray ban sunglasses price has risen to 108 yuan. In this process, because it is Distribution Agency, the return rate is too risky, consignment funds and return risk increased costs. To find out whether there is a profiteering industry, you need to carry out the various aspects of the industrial chain value estimates. Those who have not been scientific calculations, the underlying data is simply untenable, only a few individual phenomena to make evaluation of the argument is false. As the nature of the optical industry itself, the cost of the lens is not the main cost of ray ban sunglasses, so simply to the lens cost point of view, optical industry, gross margin is very high. According to Dr. Hao Jitao Peking University in the “fog through the profits of profits, optical industry, profit analysis,” a paper that, for the standard chain is concerned, invisible margin gross margin of about 30%, frames, lenses about 50% gross margin. And this is only gross margin, gross margin is gross profit and sales revenue (or operating income) percentage, of which gross profit is the income and income corresponding to the difference between the operating costs. At present the general business can not achieve this level. In the actual business, the profit margins and operating costs to share. According to the survey data show that the assumption of business in the case of gross margin of about 50%, after the cost of operating costs, the cost structure is as follows: rental accounts for 14-16% of turnover; labor costs of about 13-14%; Marketing costs about 6-8%; depreciation of fixed assets 3 %%; in addition to 17% of the growth tax, 50 × 17% = 8.5%; other costs 2%, including distribution, scrap and so on. All of the above costs together between 46.5-51.5%. In the case of the business boom, the net profit margin as low as 3.5%, in the case of recession,cheap ray ban sunglasses, or even a loss. Guangzhou Ming Gallery Gallery Chain Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager Kong Qing Zhan said in an interview, Ming Gallery ray ban sunglasses about 60% of gross profit margin but only 5% -8%. “A purchase price of 400 ray ban sunglasses in the Gallery Gallery ray ban sunglasses will generally be sold for about 1,000 yuan.In addition, only 600 yuan among the cost of operating network rental expenses accounted for 15% -20% of gross sales. Sales network expenditures Accounting for more than 10%, service network spending accounted for more than 10% .There are decoration and equipment, packaging materials expenses also accounted for a considerable proportion of gross profit. “According to the Beijing News reported that” plastic material frame, Cost of only 2 yuan “,” Panjiayuan ray ban sunglasses in the city of a number of stores, these ray ban sunglasses frame worth skyrocketing, turned 10 times, or even 50 times “and so on, this confused the basic concepts of cost and benefits, the factory Price is equivalent to the cost, the selling price is equivalent to the proceeds, the lowest cost of low-end products and the maximum retail price compared to the calculation, the level of thinking are too superficial, misinterpret the product or service profits. In determining the cost of the product or service, not only focus on the price of raw materials they put more attention should be paid to its use of technology, brands and ancillary services such as intangible costs. In technology development and brand building process, companies have paid a huge cost. Therefore, consumers can not enjoy the product of technology and brand companies ignore the cost of doing this. The famous Austrian economist Carl Menger (Carl Menger), in the “Principles of National Economics,” a book: “the reproduction of goods necessary for the amount of labor or other means of production is the decisive factor in the value of goods , “The factor of reproduction is by no means an important principle for determining value”, “the amount of labor or other goods (goods of production) used in the production of a good, and the reproduction of the goods” But not the decisive factor in the value of the goods.On the contrary, the decisive factor in the value of goods, but we dominate this goods can get the desire to meet the meaning.
When we see a commodity, in addition to look at the cost of materials, but also think of it is really owned by customers, to go through the necessary links, ray ban sunglasses aviator gold,the use of comfort, fashion aesthetic development costs, the value of its brand, Sales costs, whether through reprocessing, etc., are caused by commodity prices deviate from the cost of the important and even the key reason. In modern market economy, the focus of enterprise competition is more and more separated from the true cost of goods, and more and more concentrated in the provision of value-added products. Enterprises for the provision of goods supporting services generated by the added value has been far more than the cost of goods materials. A perfectly competitive market economy environment, if there is a huge profits, there will certainly be a large number of businesses to enter, however, the result is the opposite, the market tends to saturation, the number of optical shops continue to decrease. According to media reports, in 2005, Shanghai’s small optical shops from 2,500 reduced to 2,000.
At present, the optical industry is not able to make money in the market a lot of fresh industry, the entire industry from production to sales have reached a certain degree of maturity, according to industry estimates, the national production and circulation of ray ban sunglasses enterprises have 4 million , The competitive mechanism to reduce the industry average profit margins. As of the end of 2004, Nanjing large and small optical shops up to 400, of which half is a small optical shop, an area of ​​less than 20 square meters, the business is very prosperous. For the size of the brand optical shop, 60% of the brand optical shop is not profitable. In addition, according to the Nanjing Industry Association, an industry survey shows that: As of 2004 6 years, the Nanjing optical shop closed down more than 40, most of them internationally renowned optical shop.